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About a week and a half ago (November 19th), I gave a presentation of the same title to the Sales Genius Miami meetup at the Senzari offices – some of the people who attended asked that I send them some of the information from my presentation. I’ve decided to drop the entire presentation in here with my notes so this can be passed around the Sales Genius list as needed.

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So first and foremost; this talk was formulated and presented to people who have read “Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross. What follows are tools for each step in process above.

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Hopefully you know this already… but the best way to manage all of these things is to have CRM, something to help you get a unified look at potential lead to answer questions like: When was the last time this lead was contacted? How? What is the lead status? Who has been talking to this lead? Who are the people we’ve been in contact with for this lead? etcetera, etcetera.

At the meetup, there was someone who was using salesforce and was harping on the manual entry cost that comes with SalesForce. I feel his pain & that is exactly why we’ve personally opted for a very automated CRM here at UserPath.

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I only picked four CRMs to make it easy to go over in 20 minutes but there are TONS of CRMs that you can put to work. Ultimately it’s about finding the right CRM for your business. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the CRMs above:

  • -The CRM of choice for UserPath. It’s a bit more expensive than the basic plans for SalesForce but it integrates with my email & telephone provider, automatically logs communications & a lot more. They have a documented API – so you can create custom integrations with 3rd party apps.
  • Pipedrive – Pipedrive is a great CRM with good tools to visualize pipeline & plenty of 3rd party integrations to automate logging / notes. They also have a documented API – so you can create custom integrations with 3rd party apps.
  • SaleForceIQ (formerly: RelateIQ) – This is another great CRM with automated communication logging, meeting logging and intelligent follow up recommendations.
  • SalesForce – Included just because it’s so popular and it has such a large eco-system of integrations.

Let me know if there are any really great ones I missed by sending me an email or tweeting me.

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So building targeted lists – also known as prospecting – is the most time consuming aspect of the process (as shown by the graph and my personal experience). It usually involves digging around LinkedIn and collecting e-mail addresses using any one of the first 3 services (Datanyze, VoilaNorbert & Email Hunter). This part of the process could also include matching names or social accounts to phone numbers or getting phone numbers or other data (estimated income, demo, etc) from names.

An important note: Datanyze provides a much more extensive service that looks great.

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So this part is where you have your email template, typically something like the one below:


From: Auston Bunsen <>
To: Jon Santiago <>
Subject: Quick request?

Hey Jon,

Who is the best person to talk to about [THE END RESULT OF USING YOUR SERVICE HERE]? Wanted to run an opportunity past them really quick – thanks!

Auston Bunsen

  • supports e-mail templates (like the one above) for mass mailing your leads and even lets you segment as you please.
  • Yesware is a great gMail plugin that gives amazing insight into what’s happening with your emails and integrates nicely with SalesForce or Pipedrive.
  • Salesloft cadence makes you send each email by hand but provides templates like Yesware and Where it really shines though is in letting you set a cadence for your emails to go out (Which does not have).
  • Parallelo is a great piece of software, but I only listed it because it integrates with Pipedrive for mailmerge campaigns.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.04.52 PM

So basically, you’re required to do manual entry if you use Pipedrive, SalesforceIQ desktop (although the mobile app has automated logging) or SalesForce. gives you great automated recording capabilities for easy note-taking after the fact.

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When it comes time to demo you’ve definitely got a few options, some better than others.

ScreenHero is a great piece of software for screensharing, it was acquired by Slack but you can email me for an invite: is also an awesome piece of free software – really big fan of it.

Skype is also free-ish. You have to get a premium subscription in order to do screensharing + video calls.

I’ve never used DemoChimp – but I have heard good things about it.

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You should obviously always try to go with your default agreement, but when negotiating is necessary, do all of your redlining in Google Docs and you can export to HelloSign or echoSign for digital signing.

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If you take nothing else from this presentation, take this: IFTTT and/or Zapier can make your life waaaaaaay simpler. You can hook it into any of the systems I’ve gone over today and create triggers to do anything you need. For instance: let’s say you close a deal and now you need to send an email to IT asking for a manual set up, get an invoice from accounting and sending a payment form to the customer you just closed. IFTTT/Zapier can do all of that for you, automatically, once you set it up. Very powerful stuff!

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If you go through all of this effort and you’re not tracking or visualizing your pipeline – you are missing out. There is a great tool called GeckoBoard that allows you to pull in data from every service above and graph or display it. This is a really great way for you to unify your team around performance. Putting this kind of stuff up on a TV in the office will allow everyone to get an idea of what’s going on in the company and much more.

Some other great alternatives to GeckoBoard include Leftronic and Cyfe.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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