New Features – August Update

We’ve been pretty busy this month, working on new features & updates. We’ve got a handful more stuff coming in September, which is when we are planning to make our first public push for customers. Anyway, here is a short list of our favorite updates to UserPath in August:



We’ve added an integration with Branch metrics, so you can actually attribute our downloads if you’re a Branch customer. Simply grab your Branch API key and drop it into your plugin configuration page & we will do the rest!

Speed Increase:

We’re now gzipping all of our asset files for our plugins, resulting in a much smaller payload being sent across the wire. Additionally, we’ve set expires headers for 10 minutes, so updates to your plugins, will in some cases, now take 10 minutes to be updated.

We made these changes because we want your users to have a good experience and to us a good experience means a fast experience. Which by enabling gzip we were able to make our response time almost 2x faster and by enabling expires headers, we are allowing your plugin to be re-rendered without a round trip to our server for 10 minutes 🙂


UserPath WordPress walkthrough.

Documentation is now linked in the plugin configuration page, it’s here if you want to take a peek. We’ve included walkthroughs for WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Tumblr, Plain HTML, SquareSpace, Weebly and Shopify!


New Layout Selection Feature for UserPath

We changed the way you select your layout, it uses buttons now whereas before, it used to use radios. This was a direct result of our customers telling us they were confused about how to select a layout – so we made it simpler!

Have a suggestion?

That’s all of our updates for August but we’re always happy to hear from customers, so if you have a suggestion – don’t hesitate to shoot us a text (954-289-6186) or email (!


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