The Essential Guide to getting your first 10k users for a mobile app – Part 3


Getting traction with your mobile app can be hard. The team here at UserPath has worked on mobile apps that ranged from having hundred’s of users to hundred’s of thousands of users. We wanted to share our tips and tricks for getting those first 10k users. We thought that would be valuable, but we wanted to offer more, so we analyzed the top 50 free iOS apps listed here and the top 50 paid iOS apps here (as of August 7th, 2016), then we decided to break down the attributes & tactics they’re using to grow for you as well to figure out what works and what doesn’t when getting initial app downloads!

You’re reading Part 3 which covers is the summarization of parts 1 & 2 into a checklist (and hopefully, app). If you want to see Part 1, which covers the desktop and mobile web, you can go here or if you want to see Part 2, which covers the app store and mobile apps, you can go here.


We’ve boiled it all down to a simple checklist – that comes with resources to accomplish each – that focuses on 4 core areas:


Desktop web:


Mobile web:


App Store listing:


In-App tactics:

That’s it! If you follow these guidelines, they should serve as lights to help you truly figure out what your users want, how they think and discover the things that help your app grow exponentially. Remember that not all tactics apply to all companies or apps – one size does not fit all – these are starting points and not set in stone!

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