UserPath v2 beta

Quick Update

So, I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been busy working on UserPath version 2’s beta since Jan. Additionally, it’s no longer just I. In the beginning I had tremendous help from Ulises Orozco in the design department coming up with the original home page design, blog design & app design for UserPath. Since then, Uli has moved on & I will always appreciate his help.

Enter Jason

Jason Calleiro

Jason reached out to me when he heard I was working on UserPath and told me he’d be interested in working on it with me, after a few calls / e-mails he jumped on board. Jason designed the new UserPath homepage & account sign up page and will be giving the app design updates as we learn from users as well. Speaking of which…

UserPath v2 is ready for you

So we’ve got UserPath’s version 2 up and running and we’re looking for some people to give it a try. We’ve changed the design quite a bit and added a new widget to help companies that have mobile apps drive downloads. If you’d like to try it out, go ahead and sign up here. We’re looking for feedback so feel free to reach out to us once you give it a try and we will integrate your feedback into the app 😀




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